Andrea's Herbs

Personalised Garden Plan

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Andrea's Herbs

Personalised Garden Plan

R 899.00

Do you want to start vegetable gardening but you have no idea how to start or to plan your garden?  Then this is the answer for you.

This customised plan can be for a home vegetable garden, a container garden for a veranda or balcony or even a townhouse vegetable patch.  It can also be a planned community garden or a garden for selling produce for profit.

Just answer some questions and we can get started!

What you will receive:

Once you have made your payment, we will prepare your customised garden plan, which will contain the following:

  1. A garden layout grid with a clear plan of what to plant where and when.
  2. A planting plan including summer and winter crops with a crop rotation plan spanning 4 seasons.
  3. A list of suggested companion plants which will help keep your garden healthy as well as attract beneficial insects that will keep the problem insects under control.  This means eliminating the need for harmful insecticides.
  4. A month by month “To Do” plan which will include sowing times for seedlings with their transplanting times, what jobs to do throughout the growing season as well as during the dormant times.

Bonus #1

A suggested 5 year plan which includes the planting of trees and shrubs, compost making and suggested infrastructure such as structures for extra shade and more.

Bonus #2

A basic budget according to the prepared plan as well as a recommended supplier list