FAQ & Shipping

Q: My requirement for herbal products is not met by the products offered on your website. What are my options?

A: Please make direct contact with us and we can discuss your needs and we can certainly formulate a product for your needs.

Q: I am looking for a larger quantity of some of the products offered for purchase on your website. 

A Andrea’s Herbs only makes small batches of each product at a time to ensure that the customer gets the best quality of product at all times.  If you wish to order larger quantities of a product, please contact me and I will prepare the order to your specification.

Q: I live outside South Africa and would like to order some of your products as gifts for friends and family living in South Africa.  Is this possible?

A: This is definitely possible!  Place your order, make the payment and specify the delivery person and address.  Please also email me with any special requests such as gift wrapping and labeling.

Q: How long will it take to receive my order after placing it?

A:The order will be processed and packaged on the same day that the order is placed and paid for.  Andrea's Herbs makes use of the PUDO service offered by The Courier Guy.  Collections are made on a Tuesday and Thursday.  We do offer a free delivery service for orders within 10km of our farm.  From time to time we travel to Ladybrand and Bloemfontein.  At those times we are happy to bring orders and deliver them, but please liaise with us about this.

Q: How do I know that my order is on its way to me?

A: Once an order has been dispatched, I supply the customer with a tracking number or waybill number as is relevant so that the customer can track the progress of the package.

Q: I live in a town close to your farm.  Is it necessary to post my order or are there other delivery options?

A: Most certainly! I love meeting my customers and I regularly travel to Ladybrand, Tweespruit and Bloemfontein.  From time to time there are transport opportunites as far as Clarens and Bethlehem.  Please contact me and we can make an arrangement for delivery that suits all of us.

Q: I am very interested in your products, but you do not have a product for my specific needs.  What can I do?

A: Please contact me and we can most certainly discuss your personal needs and most of the time I can recommend and make a product to suit those requirements.

Q: I am interested in one or more of your workshops but am unable to travel to your farm.  Is it possible to make alternative arrangements?

A: Of course.  As long as there are enough people who are interested in participating in a workshop or event, I can travel to anywhere in the Free State or even further if needed.  Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Q: I would like to order quantities of dried herbs.  Is this possible?

A:Only sometimes.  The herbs we grow on the farm are dried and stored in quantities that we require to keep producing our products.  It is not always possible to keep larger amounts.  However, contact me to discuss any possibilities.