About Us

I live in Hobhouse, a tiny town nestled against the Lesotho border, with my husband, Bruce and our motley crew of dogs, cats and sheep.....usually there are chickens in the mix too.

Through this webpage you will learn more about our lifestyle, about herbs and their many, many uses, how to grow your own, how to make compost and generally how to grow stuff in a climate of often extreme temperatures.  We often experience drought, followed inevitably by times of abundant rain, occasional hail storms and many other weather events that bring their unique challenges to anyone who wants to call themselves a farmer.

Another facet of my life is teaching others to become self-sufficient vegetable gardeners and have been involved in a few projects over the past few years that is working towards exactly that.  I present workshops teaching the basics and this webpage will often feature ideas, successes and other interesting stories on this journey.

Andrea’s Herbs specialises in herbs and herbal products – for medicinal, home or health use.  Products are made mostly from herbs grown on our farm and will never be mass-produced.  Certain products may be available to purchase throughout the year, but sometimes we run out of ingredients (mainly due to seasonality) and then you may have to wait a little while for your favourite product. The products listed on this webpage may change regularly, but I would like to encourage you to contact me and often I can prepare something for you for your specific needs. During the summer months Andrea’s Herbs supplies fresh herbs to customers in Bloemfontein on a weekly basis.

A number of my clients are scattered throughout South Africa and I have successfully mailed regular parcels to them with their orders. I also travel regularly to Bloemfontein and Ladybrand, but sometimes as far as Johannesburg and Cape Town.