Make pesto with your basil, coriander and rocket before winter.

Not sure what to do with all the basil, rocket and pesto before winter sets in? Make pesto and store it.

Summer is over and you not sure what to do with all that basil before the frost gets to it because you don't have all the ingredients such as pine nuts and parmesan cheese.  All I do is make the pesto up with the basil leaves, some olive oil and garlic (if I have garlic).  Then it can be stored in the fridge or even frozen.  I use it just like that in pasta, on hardboiled eggs, with baked potatoes and lots more.  If I get hold of some nuts (I have used pecan nuts and walnuts in the past) and some cheese, I add it do my basil mix as I feel like it.

But you are not limited to basil for making pesto.  Rocket has a great peppery flavour for a different taste and coriander makes and equally delicious condiment.