Chilblains - prevention and treatment

Chilblains (in afrikaans they are referred to as wintershande or wintersvoete) are uncomfortable, painfully itchy swellings often affecting hands, feet as well as ears and the nose during the winter months.  They often develop as a direct result of exposure to cold followed by the cells in the extremities warming quickly when coming into warmth.  Women and children are more likely to develop chilblains than men.

These swellings are really uncomfortable and often take several weeks to heal.  Andrea's Herbs makes a solid chilblain lotion bar which can provide some healing.  The ingredients include cinnamon and ginger which are not just healing, but also warming.  Infused into the natural oils are stinging nettle and comfrey which help restore the cells and the skin. 

The herbs and spices are infused into a base of coconut oil and beeswax.  Rub this bar gently over the affected area.  As the bar warms against the skin, the oils are rubbed onto the skin to help ease the discomfort.  This bar can be applied several times a day and healing should be visible within a few days.

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